TxT2Win New Customers!

What Exactly Is TxT2Win?
Simply put, consumers text an advertised KEYWORD to a short code to automatically enter a contest or for a chance to win a prize.

The TxT2Look system automatically responds to each participant by sending a text message with the appropriate response to their phone. This could be to confirm their entry in a contest or to announce what prize they may have won or qualified for.

This concept is quickly being adopted by several of the largest global brands including McDonalds, Guinness, Snapple, Dunkin Donuts, Garage Clothing and a growing number of others. Campaign pricing is scaled downward to accommodate the smaller local or regional company allowing them to achieve the same results with TxT2Win mobile marketing campaigns.

How Does It Work?

Simple. You, as the Marketing Director or business owner, decide what the prize(s) is and when the winner(s) will be drawn.

We set up your campaign with custom selected keywords which "texters" text to our system's mobile number 43766. You then promote the selected keyword and mobile number 43766 as a "call to action" (Text WIN to 43766) on all your advertising material.

A TxT2Win campaign is the fastest way to connect with your targeted audience and to build a customer loyalty data base. The power of text message marketing is that customer acquisition and customer retention is significantly enhanced because you can communicate with these individuals anywhere, anytime as mobile phones are always in a persons hand or in their pocket. As well, the whole process is streamlined and automatic, the text response is instantly on their phone & there are no fulfillment costs or additional work for the company involved.

TxT2Win campaigns are an ideal way to mobilize instant competitions with almost any demographic and can lead to new customers which lead to an increase in revenue.

TxT2Win campaigns are an excellent way to encourage response and participation with a brand, company or product, partly because text makes possible instant response regardless of the entrant's whereabouts or circumstances.

Truly a win/win situation. The winner is happy and all the non-winners can be sent future discounts and specials, including mobile coupons, as determined by you.

TxT2Win entries are all recorded and tracked in real time through our online web interface and can be easily managed.

For Help text HELP to 43766 or Contact Us. To opt-out text STOP to 43766