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Campaigns On Our Shared Short Code 43766

Most businesses don't have the resources or the technical know how when it comes to powering a wireless mobile marketing campaign or want to lease and maintain their own dedicated short code. Using a specific keyword on our shared short code allows you to leverage the marketing power and US market reach of a short code without needing to bear the expensive costs.

  • Our shared short code is 43766 and works with all wireless carriers all across the Continental US.
  • New or existing customers can participate in contests and join your mobile marketing list by simply texting your chosen Keyword to our shared short code.
  • Keywords on our shared short code are not costly and priced per month and based on the length of your campaign (usually 10 days to a few months). Leasing your own dedicated short code is also something we can help you with if you really want one but the costs can be several thousands of dollars.

Try Now! Text gomobile to 43766 to see how our service works. Standard message rates apply.

Text messaging offers a number of benefits:

  • Immediacy
    Mobile campaigns are relatively easy to create and execute, with messages being delivered to recipients in a matter of seconds.
  • Reach
    Delivery of SMS messages to mobile phones is almost guaranteed, which is generally not the case with email.
  • Mobility
    Customers will receive the messages on their mobile devices anytime and anywhere.
  • Affordability
    The cost of sending SMS messages is very comparable to that of email broadcasting rates: on average you will pay around 0.20 cents to send each message. Prices drop as volumes increase.
  • Effectiveness
    The average SMS response rate is 15%, versus 3.5% for traditional promotional methods such as direct mail.
  • Personalization
    Text messages or personalized content is targeted to individuals who have requested to receive them ("opted in").
  • Cross-medium form of marketing
    The mobile channel is highly complementary to traditional marketing mediums such as print, press, radio and TV advertising.
  • Viral communication
    The mobile technology encourages viral marketing with the built-in tools for forwarding of the messages to the existing social networks.

For Help text HELP to 43766 or Contact Us. To opt-out text STOP to 43766